The Good,
The Bad,
And The Buggy.

When over 6 million software professionals and 22,000 companies across the globe use SmartBear tools to develop, deploy, test, and maintain some of the world’s most innovative applications, we know that the standard of quality can make or break your success.

Alex McPeak and Bria Grangard will be sharing their own stories, talking to guests, and analyzing different case studies to consider what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online user experiences. Because a lot of the time, quality is in the details. We hope this series encourages software teams to take a second look at their own projects to determine: is it good, is it bad, or is it buggy?


Episode 21: Season 2 Recap

Alex and Bria give an overview of some of the topics they talked about in Season 2 including biggest lessons and takeaways from episodes and guests. 

Episode 20: March Madness

Alex and Bria discuss brackets, bugs, and big data for March Madness. Additionally, they talk to Google Cloud to find out more about how they're partnering with the NCAA to turn decades of data into game-day insights.

Episode 19: Lockdown

Tablets and "social media" apps are making their way into prison. How can they help inmates look to a better life? Alex and Bria discuss and talk to the founder of InmateAid.

Episode 18: It's a Match!

Where did the swipe right, swipe left motion come from? Can you automate dating? Can an algorithm help you find your soulmate? Alex and Bria answer all these questions and more in an episode about the UIs, the APIs, and the bugs of dating apps .

Episode 17: Back to Augmented Reality

Alex and Bria discuss the evolution of Augmented Reality, which has been brought to our mobile devices though applications like PokemonGO, Snapchat, Warber Parker, and Ikea.

Episode 16: Ready For Takeoff

Alex and Bria discuss how technology has changed the way we travel, and, of course, chat about airline bugs that cause fare errors. We also loop in Jon Fortunati to ask what this can teach us about code review.

Episode 15: LIVE: 10-Episode Recap

At SmartBear Connect 2018, Alex and Bria took to the stage to do a live recording of "The Good, the Bad, and the Buggy" and broke down the top lessons learned from the first 10 episodes.

Episode 14: (Machine) Learning to Love AI

Alex and Bria talk about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in everyday applications like Spotify, Netflix, and Stitch Fix, then talk to Angie Jones to learn more about how it all works.

Episode 13: Food for Thought

The way we order and eat food has evolved over the years thanks to new technologies. Alex and Bria discuss everything from Domino's to GrubHub, then talk to Mercato CEO Bobby Brannigan to review the current culinary climate.

Episode 12: Level Up

Video game testing sounds like a dream career to a lot of people, but what can it teach us about software testing? Alex and Bria explore the world of QA in the gaming industry.

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