The Good,
The Bad,
And The Buggy.

When over 6 million software professionals and 22,000 companies across the globe use SmartBear tools to develop, deploy, test, and maintain some of the world’s most innovative applications, we know that the standard of quality can make or break your success.

Alex McPeak and Bria Grangard will be sharing their own stories, talking to guests, and analyzing different case studies to consider what works and what doesn’t when it comes to online user experiences. Because a lot of the time, quality is in the details. We hope this series encourages software teams to take a second look at their own projects to determine: is it good, is it bad, or is it buggy?


Episode 3: Dark Patterns

Dark patterns are all around us, and while you may not have realized there’s a name for these tricky design elements, you've probably come across them. Learn why you should avoid them as users and designers.

Episode 2: Drunk User Testing

Alex and Bria go to Appcue's Drunk User Testing event to see what it’s all about and try it for themselves. Then they talk to professional Drunk Tester, Richard Littauer of to see what he has to say.

Episode 1: MoviePass

When we first heard about MoviePass, we jumped on the opportunity to see unlimited movies. However, we ran into a few technical difficulties. In this episode, we discuss how MoviePass works, how it sometimes doesn't, and why it's created a love-hate relationship among users.