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SmartBear’s AlertSite Now Supports Selenium WebDriver

SmartBear Expands Support for Selenium to Application Performance Monitoring
Somerville — November 03, 2016 —

SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for teams, has announced the integration of AlertSite, the best-in-class synthetic monitoring platform, with Selenium, the popular front end testing framework for web applications. The integration builds upon SmartBear’s previous efforts of enabling software teams to do more with their existing Selenium test scripts – first with TestComplete, QAComplete and CrossBrowserTesting, and now with AlertSite.

“As organizations increasingly adopt continuous deployment and continuous improvement processes, IT operations teams face the challenge of keeping up with the pace of development,” said Denis Goodwin, Director of Product Management at SmartBear. “This calls for tools that reduce added efforts and repurpose work done at other stages of application development. Many of our customers are already using Selenium to test their public as well as internally facing applications. They can now reuse those pre-existing functional tests to create web transaction monitors that run from AlertSite’s global network and private nodes.”

AlertSite’s commitment toward providing the best-in-class synthetic monitoring platform without complex scripting is enhanced by the newly added Selenium integration. AlertSite already offers a point and click browser recorder, DejaClick, for script-less web transaction monitoring. Between AlertSite’s DejaClick recorder and new support for Selenium, IT operations teams benefit by having to spend less time creating scripts and more time analyzing and fixing issues. The Selenium integration is now available in the AlertSite SaaS platform.

AlertSite’s support for Selenium builds upon SmartBear’s previous work to enable software teams to do more with their existing Selenium scripts. TestComplete, SmartBear’s UI test automation tool, supports running and reporting on Selenium scripts alongside other UI tests created using TestComplete. QAComplete, SmartBear’s test management platform, helps plan, track and manage Selenium tests along with other manual and automated tests. QA Managers can also use QAComplete to link Selenium tests with user stories and defects for consolidated reporting.

CrossBrowserTesting, SmartBear’s cloud testing platform, supports running Selenium-based test scripts for cross browser compatibility against more than 1,500 different browser and device combinations. The combination of these products allows Selenium scripts written for web testing to be managed alongside other tests and deployed on AlertSite’s global network or private nodes for continuous web application performance monitoring.

“SmartBear is building a rather impressive testing ecosystem,” said Carl Lehmann, Principal Analyst at 451 Research. “Its collaborative development, functional testing, performance testing and monitoring platform provides a foundation on which the company continues to build out support for API, mobile, web and desktop applications. Testing technology like SmartBear’s will play an increasingly important role in next-generation application development as enterprises continue to focus on customer and partner relationships as part of so-called ‘digital transformation’ initiatives.”

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Contact: Tracy Wemett, BroadPR

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