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SmartBear Integrates Ready API with Git, JIRA, TestComplete, Selenium and AlertSite UXM

World’s Most Popular API Testing Tool Integrates with Well-Known Companion Tools to Improve End-to-End API Quality
Somerville, MA — June 04, 2015 —

SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, has integrated Ready API with popular development and monitoring tools – Git, JIRA, TestComplete, Selenium and AlertSite UXM. Integration with these tools provides developers and IT operations teams an end-to-end strategy in continuous improvement over API quality.
Every day, more teams are using Git to store source code and other deployment artifacts than any other repository system. Leaving out test artifacts from this process introduces risk in overwrites, conflicts and delays. With Git integration in Ready API, team members can now see which tests are currently being worked in Git, a history of changes, and which other team members are active testing artifacts committed to Git repos. Better collaboration means faster delivery of better APIs and apps, but source code and test artifacts are only one part of the equation.
For bug tracking, issue tracking and projects, Ready API now integrates with Atlassian JIRA. When a Ready API test exposes a flaw in code, it is vital that it be reported quickly and with the proper amount of detail. Faster turn-around on bugs introduced in a development cycle means quicker resolution and ultimately higher quality software being deployed into production. Now, with Ready API, testers can report issues to developers through JIRA as soon as they find them in their environment, minimizing risk and downstream cost in continuous delivery models.
This latest release of Ready API also includes integration with TestComplete, the award winning leader in Web, mobile and desktop functional automated testing, as well as the open-source Selenium. Modern apps depend on APIs, and those APIs often serve more than one client experience. By integrating with TestComplete and Selenium into Ready API, developers and testers have a unified approach to test API back-end services and all the front-facing Web or mobile apps connected to those APIs. This approach ensures that teams spend the least amount of time diagnosing where the source of a problem actually lies and more time focused on resolving the issue once correctly identified.
Finally, this release contains integration with SmartBear’s AlertSite UXM for API monitoring. Once APIs and apps go live, visibility over their health and performance is critical to ensuring their success. AlertSite application performance monitoring service is the industry choice for tracking both application and API quality in production environments. Integration between Ready API and AlertSite means that developers, testers and operations teams can collaborate together on API quality using the same tests and metrics, simplifying configuration of monitoring assets and ultimately turning around performance problems in real time.
“Integrating with other tools in the larger software delivery ecosystem is a natural progression for us,” said Paul Bruce, API Product Marketing Manager at SmartBear Software. “Our tools provide software teams a total end-to-end quality strategy; integrations with Git, JIRA, TestComplete, Selenium and other partner technologies connect that strategy to systems used by software professionals daily.”
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Contact: Tracy Wemett, BroadPR

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