Bugsnag Achieves ISO 27001 Compliance in Commitment to Data Privacy

The ISO 27001 standard promotes continuous improvement of security processes and shows Bugsnag’s commitment to data privacy and security, as well as its commitment to customer excellence for its error monitoring and stability management platform.
SOMERVILLE — July 27, 2021 —

 Bugsnag, a SmartBear company and an application stability management pioneer, today announced it has achieved its ISO 27001 certification. The ISO 27001 standard promotes continuous improvement of security processes and shows Bugsnag’s commitment to data privacy and security, as well as its commitment to customer excellence for its error monitoring and stability management platform.  

ISO 27001 is a globally renowned information security management standard that demonstrates certified organizations’ commitment to securing their data. The standard requires organizations to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve their information security management system (ISMS) to help better secure their data.  

“At Bugsnag, we recognize that the threat landscape is constantly changing,” said James Smith, SVP of the Bugsnag Product Group at SmartBear. “Enterprises are under increasing pressure to deliver high quality products with robust security in mind. Bugsnag takes this consideration seriously and is taking the steps to ensure it will not become an additional attack vector for businesses. Achieving full ISO 27001 certification illustrates our commitment to our customers by delivering a best-in-class error monitoring and stability management solution while also prioritizing data protection and security.” 

In order to obtain the ISO 27001 certification, all of Bugsnag’s processes supporting the delivery of its stability management SaaS platform were audited by an independent third party. This required a comprehensive audit of all the security controls that protect Bugsnag’s customer data, including access control, encryption, security testing, security awareness training, risk management and business continuity. With the ISO 27001 certification in place, Bugsnag will integrate continuous security measures into its new and existing processes to ensure data privacy and security is of the utmost priority.  

For more information, visit: https://www.bugsnag.com/security  

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