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451 Research Releases Report on SmartBear’s Dominance in API Testing Market

SmartBear Positioned as ‘Company to Watch’ and ‘Go-to-Vendor’ in API Testing Market
Somerville, MA — February 03, 2015 —

SmartBear Software, the choice of more than two million software professionals for building and delivering the world’s best applications, announced that 451 Research, a preeminent information technology research and advisory company, recently issued the report, “SmartBear Seems to be Cornering the API Testing Market,” by Analyst, Carl Lehmann. The reports outlines the necessity of testing for enabling quality code, particularly under the range of use cases to which various APIs are subjected including Web services, mobiles devices, hybrid cloud architectures, social media and analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
“Overall, API management vendors are building out their platforms to address as many of the capabilities required to manage API lifecycles as possible,” said Carl Lehmann, Research Manager at 451 Research. “Testing, while not glamorous, is essential to enable quality code and calls for unique capabilities and skills that API management vendors don't have the time, resources or capital to duplicate. That's why many are partnering with third parties to enable high-quality API testing. SmartBear's skills in application quality management and its unique focus on API testing in particular, make it the 'go to' vendor for such purposes.”
SmartBear added Ready API to its product portfolio in September 2014, though the company is not new to API testing. Ready API is built around SoapUI, an open source technology for service-oriented architecture (SOA) and REST-based Web services testing, acquired by SmartBear in 2011. Ready API is the first fully integrated, extensible and affordable platform to help development, testing and operations teams build reliable, scalable and secure APIs.
The report states that, “a notable capability of Ready API (and a valuable feature needed for API testing) is found in ServiceV Pro. It creates a sandbox within which virtual versions of APIs that behave differently can be tested under varying conditions. It simulates conditions for APIs without affecting development or production platforms. It's part of SmartBear's 'secret sauce' that makes the platform attractive to API management vendors.”
SmartBear has partnered with 3scale, Apiary, MuleSoft and Swagger, among others.
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Contact: Tracy Wemett, BroadPR

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