How to Monitor APIs...for Free!

Monitoring APIs has become all but necessary in today's modular development world. Checking to see if third-party access is available at all times, and monitoring your own uptime of APIs is cruicial in delivering a quality access point for users and other APIs. Solutions for testing these connections are plentiful, and our own Open Source tool SoapUI and it's next generation predecessor, SoapUI NG Pro, deliver feature rich experiences for functional testing your APIs. But monitoring those APIs, and solving the continuous integration problem of software testing, has a new face. AlertSite, can monitor your APIs quickly and easily. And can do it for free!

AlertSite's Free API Monitoring Offer

AlertSite has a Free product offering for Ready! API customers. You can monitor up to 3 APIs for free, and you can do it quickly from inside the Ready! API platform using the AlertSite Connector plugin. This offer also includes free monitoring for any web property or mobile application also associated with your API. The ability to monitor all your applications in one place, with the simplicity of a continuous testing solution is an enormous advantage in todays fast moving API economy.

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What if I want to monitor more APIs?

Start a free trial for enterprise monitoring trial with Unlimited Flexibility and coverage to monitor all your APIs, web, mobile and SaaS business applications. Click on the link below to set up a monitoring trial.
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