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Software Testing has become increasingly more complex and integrated throughout the development lifecycle with the adoption of agile software development. There is a strong need to connect the various aspects of the testing lifecycle. Test Management Systems do just that, seamlessly tracking user stories, testing requirements, the QA process and defect tracking. A test case management tool can help ensure proper test coverage exists for requirements at the GUI or API level and maintain tracebility between the requirements and defects raised after the testing process.

Whether you use the same tool for requirement management and defect tracking, or have specialized software for each, getting a single view of your testing efforts through a test management tool can lead to more accurate, efficient testing in the future. We can help with selecting the best QA management tool for your needs. Over time as you write more automated and manual tests, tracking test coverage, results and defects will no doubt become time consuming. An organized excel sheet is a thing of the past- get better insights into your automated and manual tests by using a test management tool.