Development & Testing Tools That Work Inside Visual Studio

Native Visual Studio Extensions for .NET and C# Developers

Build Comprehensive Automated API Functional Tests 

Perform functional testing for SOAP & REST APIs within Visual Studio. Data drive API tests from external systems (database, spreadsheet, xml-files, etc.) to increase coverage. Choose among multiple assertion options such as XPath, XQuery to validate responses of API requests. Repurpose preceding requests across multiple API tests for integration testing purposes. 

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Improve Unit Testing Efforts

Ensure certain areas within of your code are working as expected by easily creating unit tests. Get direct access to multiple assertions such as SLA, HTTP Status, and Schema Compliance while building unit tests for SOAP and REST API calls.

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Create Automated UI Tests That Don't Break

Build functional UI tests for wide range technologies, including .NET, Winforms, WPF, Java, HTML5, and AngularJS. Get direct access to numerous UI controls out of the box. Examples include Infragistics, DevExpress, Syncfusion, and Telerik among others. Built-in classes and methods can be used for performing different actions on any of the identified controls.  

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Use Code Review for Building Quality In  

Find bugs early and ship high quality code by performing peer code review within Visual Studio.  Set up a custom workflow that mimics your development process for improving code architecture. Get detailed metrics to identify which areas of code need to be worked upon. Custom fields allow you to set up a code review for any use case. 

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Automate Tests Using Behavior Driven Development

Improve collaboration between QA, development, and business stakeholders by following a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) approach within Visual Studio. Describe how your functional API and UI tests should behave using BDD tools like Cucumber. Implement each step of the BDD framework as an automated test by linking BDD framework to functional UI or API testing framework in TestLeft and TestServer respectively.

Identify and Optimize Performance of Your Code 

Profile and analyze .NET or C# code right from Visual Studio. Find out accurately why your code is running slow by getting accurate data for unit, line, or block level areas of the code. Choose among multiple scenarios based on how in-depth you want the code to be profiled. Use screenshots to compare baseline performance with any changes made.  

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Ensure Your Code Is Actually Being Tested 

Get code coverage results directly into Visual Studio to  quickly find out untested parts of your codebase and the write unit tests for uncovered areas. Get detailed code coverage metrics such as statement and branch coverage to examine which parts of .NET or C# code need to be worked upon.

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