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Today in APIs: SmartBear Partners with Apiary

SmartBear partners with Apiary to deliver plug-in


User experience: The key to application performance

In this new world order where user experience is king, organizations not only have to check how their application performs, but how their application will...


Developers and Testers To Easily Extend SoapUI

SmartBear Software has released a new version of SoapUI Pro, including a new plug-in framework that allows users to create, browse, and install plug-ins...


30 Businesses that Are Rocking Social Media

SmartBear decided to get a little playful. They created a game called “Where’s Dain” which is the developer’s equivalent of &lsquo...


SmartBear SoapUI Pro Now Allows Plug Ins for Testing

Smartbear's answer is to make plug-in architecture simple to use with annotation-based extension points in place of XML configuration files, along with...


SmartBear targets mobile apps with new automated software test recording

SmartBear Software has released a new version of TestComplete, furthering its efforts to enhance its mobile testing capabilities.


New AlertSite UXM can help focus on delivering superior customer experiences

AlertSite UXM provides complete monitoring and transaction tracing capabilities, not just for applications, but also APIs to assist in rapid root cause...


Time To Get Real (And Synthetic) On Testing

SmartBear Software has announced new a new product named AlertSite UXM. 


SmartBear Announces AlertSite UXM

AlertSite UXM is an industry first platform to deliver load testing and transaction monitoring from a single, unified platform. 

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