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TestLeft, a New Developer Focused Test Automation Tool from @SmartBear

SmartBear Software has announced a new developer focused test automation tool, TestLeft. The tool enables developers working in an Agile and continuous...


SmartBear puts 'earlier' testing inside IDEs

SmartBear's new developer focused test automation tool is called TestLeft.So what? There are many magic rings in this world.The so what factor is down to...


SmartBear announces new developer-focused test automation tool

SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, has announced a new developer focused test automation tool, TestLeft. The...


SmartBear Launches TestLeft Developer Focused Test Automation Tool

SmartBear's new TestLeft helps developers create tests within IDEs, minimizing test creation time in a Continuous Delivery environment.


API of the Week: SmartBear Software helps Teams Create Great Apps

Early this month, SmartBear Software released Ready API TestServer, an automated API testing solution to allow developers to find bugs faster and speed...


SmartBear: Survey Finds APIs Adoption Exploding; Identifies Ways To Improve the ‘API...

One of the biggest surveys on APIs ever released, with responses from 2300+ IT professionals, finds APIs set to enjoy growing adoption and popularity. ...


What's in Store for the API Market?

The developer community is one that continues to evolve. Innovations emerge at increasingly intense paces, especially in communications. The demand for...


The 2016 State of Code Quality in Focus

A new report out from SmartBear Software, a provider of software quality tools, shows how organizations are developing and maintaining the quality of...


Report looks at the quality of software in 2016

With almost every industry relying on high-quality software today, it is important that organizations keep in mind how they are going to deliver that...

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