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SmartBear streamlines the document review process for software teams

SmartBear Software contends that PeerReview Complete 2012 will forever change the way software development teams perform code and technical document...


HTML5 test automation for beginners

Last week SmartBear organized a webinar on the topic of HTML5 test automation.


SmartBear' Software's API Complete: API Testing & Monitoring Solution

SmartBear Software has introduced API Complete, a solution that lets developers test and monitor the quality of their APIs and Web Services. The solution...


TestComplete Scales to Cross Browser and HTML5 Testing

TestComplete the automated testing tool from SmartBear is constantly adding new features to emerge as a complete testing solution. Recently TestComplete 9...


SmartBear TestComplete 9.0 Improves Cross-Browser, HTML5 Testing

SmartBear has released TestComplete 9.0, an update to its automated testing tool. TestComplete 9.0 introduces a new approach to cross-browser testing that...


SmartBear Updates its Automated Testing Tool

SmartBear Software has updated its automated testing tool that now supports HTML5 testing.


The Agile Web App Needs Agile Testing

SmartBear Software's TestComplete 9.0 arrived this week with a cross-browser testing promise that spans Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome with...


SmartBear TestComplete 9.0 Advances cross-browser testing and HTML5 testing

SmartBear Software today announced TestComplete 9.0, the latest release of its award-winning automated testing tool. TestComplete 9.0 introduces a new...


SmartBear Software Enhances Load Testing for Web Services and APIs

SmartBear Software has introduced the first commercially available version of its open-source Web services load-testing tool, loadUI Pro. In addition, the...

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