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Bank of America Website Hacked? No, But its Stock Sure Was - Updated with timeline of...

Anyone trying to login to their Bank of America account online has been struggling to do so since Friday.


SmartBear Updates ALMComplete 2011

SmartBear Software today is releasing to production an update to its ALMComplete 2011 life-cycle management tool, which targets release management, test...


AlertSite Well Positioned for Addressing Challenges of a New Web

Organizations that participated in TRAC's recent survey reported that they are losing on average $21,000 per one hour of website outages and $4,100 per...


Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) – Boston 2011

VDC attended the 2011 Embedded Systems Conference in Boston on September 27 and 28 and held face-to-face meetings at the conference with over 20 exhibitors...


Bank of America's Website Outage: Here's What's REALLY Been Happening

Bank of America representatives have said today's crushing website unavailability is merely a "sporadic" issue and that some customers are...


A Bear, a Transistor and a Process Node Walk Into a Bar

In this week's Fish Fry, I interview James Wang (SmartBear Software - Vice President) about the age old gap between hardware and software designers and...


Software Testing Product: SmartBear TestComplete 8.5 Enterprise Edition

SmartBear Software's TestComplete is a mature product that I have been using for years. Recently, this excellent application-testing product was upgraded...


Missoni Madness Crashes Target’s Web Site

The launch of the new collaborative line between Italian designer, Missoni and Target has resulted in the crash of the Web site of the mega-retailer on Tuesday.


Missoni for Target line creates Black Friday-like demand

The much-anticipated launch of a new collaborative line between Italian designer Missoni and Target caused the retailer's website to crash several...

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