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Tutorial 10: Best Practices To Test Android Application Using TestComplete

We write automation test scripts for Android application in TestComplete to build a test suite. But do you know that your test scripts are optimized? Are you...


Containers, Microservices and Architectural Agility

“Microservice architecture is a method of developing software applications as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services in...


Women Just Want to be Treated the Same--Don't Make it a Thing

The new year has shed new light on modern feminism, calling women to feel inspired and encouraged.  Modern feminism is a revelation that continues to...


ThreatMetrix, Palo Alto, and CrowdStrike – Enterprise Security Weekly #77

In the news, ThreatMetrix teams up with GlobalOnePay, CrowdStrike walks away from Cloud distribution, SmartBear announces new API testing and documentation...



According to research by SmartBear presented in their State of APIs Report 2016:Security is the #1 technology challenge teams want to see solved; 41.2% of...


13 Tools for Responsive Web Design

CrossBrowserTesting. CrossBrowserTesting gives you access to the browsers and devices your visitors are using. Perform interactive manual and...


A guide to Atlassian’s ecosystem

SmartBear: SmartBear provides frictionless tools and integrations, including Atlassian JIRA. With Collaborator, developers directly link code...


SmartBear Webinar: Taming Undocumented APIs in SoapUI 5.0

SoapUI 5.0 brings you more functionality to ensure your API Testing is complete and quick. Learn about new functionality like REST Mocking, REST Discovery...


Best API management tools for design, development and testing

The API has proved to be a defining technology over the past decade, since it was created to allow softwarecomponents to access another to perform a...

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