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New products of the week 1.23.17

TestComplete 12.2 connects to an on-demand cloud testing lab and includes Environment Manager, which enables access to over 500 real testing environments...


Testing engineers look to best-in-breed tools to automate

In 2016, software testers moved away from using broad suites for task automation in favor of best-of-breed tools seen as more capable of handling the demands...


SmartBear Enhances TestComplete

TestComplete 12.2 now connects to an on demand cloud testing lab. New Environment Manager, available with TestComplete 12.2, enables access to over 500 real...


Software-Qualitätssicherung mit SmartBear Cloud-Testlabor für Webanwendungen

Mit TestComplete 12.2 hat SmartBear Software sein Tool für Software-Qualität an ein Testlabor in der Cloud angebunden. Gut 500 reale Testumgebungen für...


SmartBear announces TestComplete 12.2

SmartBear Software announced TestComplete 12.2, with features like the new Environment Manager and connection to an on-demand cloud testing lab.


TestComplete 12.2 Released

SmartBear Software has, announced TestComplete 12.2, which now connects to an on demand cloud testing lab. New Environment Manager, available with...


Cool APIs: Top Tips To Secure Valuable APIs Against Growing Security Threats

IDN continues its ‘Cool APIs’ series with a focus on API Security. APIs are no doubt becoming one of the most popular ingredients in how...


How to Use Compare and Merge for SwaggerHub

API description formats like Swagger act as a contract between the API provider and end consumer, clearly detailing all of the resources and operations of...


The Most Important Elements of DevOps

To gather insights on the state of the DevOps movement in 2017, we talked to 16 executives from 14 companies who are implementing DevOps in their own...

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