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NUI Galway offering limited free places on Higher Diploma in Software Course

The industry partners include Avaya, IBM, Cisco, Insight, Storm Technologies, Aspect Software, The Marine Institute, Solano Tech Ltd, NetFort Technologies...


My Time at Boston TechJam 2018

* Update: By the time I posted this article, I got hooked up with a sweet T-shirt from SmartBear—they always have SWAGGER. These guys are...


Let There Be Open Source: The First Roundup (with a Question from Editorial)

Where Developers Stand on Microsoft Acquiring GitHub by Alex McPeakFor some, Microsoft's move to purchase GitHub was a shock; others say they saw it...


Top Responsive Testing Tools

CrossBrowserTesting: The biggest competitor of Browser Stack is CBT, which allows more than 1,500 browsers and devices for testing purpose.


Pair Testing: Working Together to Define Quality

When you think of software testing, you probably think of an individual sitting at their computer performing manual tests or maybe writing up a Selenium...


The API Economy Playbook: Four Rules To Abide By

To create a successful external API, you must also create resources that help developers seamlessly integrate with the API. Ease of use, the API’s...


Keys to Automated Testing

To gather insights for the current and future state of automated testing, we asked 31 executives from 27 companies, "What are the keys to using...


SmartBear Acquires Hiptest

SmartBear has acquired French continuous testing company Hiptest. Hiptest provides teams with tools to collaborate on an idea, test code...


Austin API Summit Wrap Up

“Always follow a top down approach— start from business need and consumer need, then use that to design APIs” – Keshav Vasudevan...

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