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27 Companies Who Love to Give Back

SmartBear Software creates quality tools that assist over 6 million software professionals in delivering the world's best applications.As a company...


The Best Way for Dev and Ops to Collaborate - Part 6

Create a culture of collective ownership through frequent peer reviews and transparent cross-department communication. In other words, share. By providing...


Create Your First OpenAPI Definition With Swagger Editor

OpenAPI definitions, formerly known as Swagger files, allow developers to specify the operations and metadata of their APIs in machine-readable form. This...


How Leaders Are Pursuing DevOps Securely

To gather insights on the state of DevOps, we spoke with 22 executives at 19 companies implementing DevOps for themselves and helping clients to implement a...


HATS Finds A RESTful ‘Swagger’

One of the most popular frameworks to emerge for working with RESTful APIs is Swagger. Originally developed in 2011 by Tony Tam, the technical co-founder of...


24/7 Tools

While organizations are under pressure to deliver software faster than ever, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) tools have risen to...


Automated Testing Software Market Share Charges Ahead with Huge Growth by 2016-2022

The key market players that are involved in the automated testing software market are International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, Tricentis, SmartBear...


Is “Grit” the Next Big Way to Measure Aptitude?

Whether you’re applying for a job, attempting to get admitted into the school, or trying out for a team, in most cases, it isn’t about what you...


Lead(H)er - Jennifer Hogan Mahoney, Vice President of Customer Success at SmartBear

“I realized I wanted to be in customer success after I realized the impact customer success can have on relationships, both internally and externally...

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