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Replace HP UFT with SoapUI Pro

"Protocol support for APIs is limited in UFT"


HP UFT majorly supports legacy formats like FTP and XML, functionality for the new API formats and protocols is limited.


SoapUI Pro not only supports the latest API protocols like Web-sockets but also has out of the box support for popular API specifications and formats like JSON, Swagger and RAML.

"It’s hard to move between UFT and other API tools"


APIs work in an ecosystem, they are designed on one tool, tested on other and hosted and managed on the cloud. HP UFT has no integrations with the popular API platforms.


SoapUI Pro has integrations with API platforms like SwaggerHub and Amazon API gateway, this enables seamless pull, verify and deploy from right inside the tool.

Prime Therapeutics found the QTP testing process to be too difficult to work with and for a simpler, more automated approach they chose SoapUI Pro.

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"With UFT my API testing is limited to functional"


API testing is not just about checking response values, it’s also about isolating test scenarios, ensuring API performance and protecting them from hackers. UFT tooling is limited to just functional and load testing.


SoapUI Pro enables creation of API load tests and security tests in just three clicks from functional tests. You can also easily create virtual APIs and isolate your test scenarios from third party API dependencies.

"Testing my APIs with UFT is expensive and time consuming"


Scripting knowledge is required to do comprehensive API testing in UFT. Getting teams trained on UFT takes time. Hiring is expensive as finding a UFT expert is hard.


SoapUI Pro is entirely point and click, no scripting required. Millions of developers and testers are already familiar with SoapUI; hence users get started on the tool quickly with minimal training.

"We are spending too much on UFT"


Expensive renewal rates, software license fees, along with dedicated external consultant fees can often result in costs associated with Quality Center going out of hand.


SoapUI Pro is cheap to own and operate and has a simple licensing structure. 

You're in safe company, these great companies use SoapUI Pro too.


Get Better Support and Lower Costs today with SmartBear

SmartBear provides a modern, affordable alternative to HP’s Testing solutions – backed by an expert support team committed to your success. Talk to an HP Migration Specialist today to learn about the benefits of moving to SmartBear first-hand.

  • Robust, Affordable solutions for:
    • UI Test Automation
    • Test Management
    • Load Testing
    • API Functional Testing
  • Get up-and-running quickly with a straightforward migration process
  • Rooted in open source as the creators of SoapUI and Swagger
  • Integrated with Selenium, Appium, Jenkins, GitHub, and more

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