What kind of deployment models are available with QAComplete?

QAComplete has a cloud and an on-premise deployment model. 

What does the licensing structure of QAComplete look like?

QAComplete comes with a yearly subscription licensing model. This licensing is available for both cloud and on-premise deployment. 

Are there hidden Costs like QC?

We are very open about our pricing and renewal rates. You can find these details easily on our website. As a testament to the cost savings involved, QC customer Riplife Gaming reduced licensing and support costs by 7X after migrating to QAComplete.

How much downtime is there when migrating?

Close to none. Our partners have existing migration utilities to help you to move data from Quality Center in a risk-free automated manner. You can even choose self-migration route to easily migrate data away from Quality Center.

Can on-premise Quality Center instances be migrated?

We have years of experience in moving customers from on-premise version of Quality Center in a cost effective fashion manner and with zero business disruption.

Does getting up and running QAComplete mean a lot of ramp time?

You can easily replicate Quality Center terminology in QAComplete. And with on demand training options, your team can learn QAComplete in-depth whenever they want.





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