Why Testing Matters: Insiders' Perspectives

  January 26, 2018

Over the past few months, we’ve been considering #WhyTestingMatters. First, we looked at real-world examples of when one silly, seemingly harmless bug wreaked havoc on companies and their customers.

Next, we asked a few of our favorite testing experts to tell us about why they think testing matters. We got such great answers that we decided to keep it going and ask some of our own experts, right here at SmartBear. We asked team members from across our products and areas of business to give us their take on #WhyTestingMatters. Check out what they said.

  1. User Experience Affects Your Brand Image.

By far the most cited reasons why proper testing practices are necessary were customer experience and maintaining your brand image. And as Gregory Hanson, Director of Sales Engineering, pointed out, these two factors go hand in hand in today’s consumer culture.

“Software is so prevalent today that it is all tied up with the brand and success of your company. If you have a poor user experience, you aren’t going to survive.”

– Gregory Hanson, Director of Sales Engineering (Connect with Gregory on LinkedIn) Tweet this. 

Further, having lots of bugs in your software can make your company look lazy, Product Owner Jeff Martin said.

“Testing matters because ultimately, whatever you deliver to a person is a reflection of you. Whether it is a person or a company, when you deliver software, that is the main way that your customers view you. Testing matters for the same reason as how you dress matters- it’s how you present yourself.”

– Jeffrey Martin, Product Owner, Test (Connect with Jeffrey on LinkedInTweet this.

All of this has only become more important in recent years, Shari McGrath, Manager, Enterprise Customer Success, acknowledged, due to shortening attention spans.

“User experience is everything for a company, and if your website or app doesn’t work flawlessly every time, it’s going to impact your customers. Attention spans are shorter than they’ve ever been. If you don’t have a good online experience that’s going to impact you even if that isn’t your business.”

– Shari McGrath, Manager, Enterprise Customer Success (Connect with Shari on LinkedIn or TwitterTweet this.

  1. You Can’t Meet Your Business Objectives Without Quality Software.

Increasingly, software plays a major role in business regardless of industry. As such, software quality and testing is a crucial step to ensure that any business can meet its goals.

“APIs are such a core part of business these days, and you can’t risk delivering APIs that don’t deliver on their promises because you have a customer community that will find out.”

– Gail Shlansky, Director of Products (Connect with Gail on LinkedInTweet this.

Not only is this true for API testing, but rather it rings true across the industry.

“Testing is a way to map the expectations and requirements with the actual software. It’s one of the activities that happens throughout the SDLC, but it’s so important that the results of the test decide whether you launch or not.

– Harsh Upreti, Product Marketing Manager (Connect with Harsh on LinkedIn or TwitterTweet this.

  1. If You Don’t Test, You Could Be Exposing Your Customers (And Your Company!) To Security Risks.

As software becomes a larger part of our lives, the potential security risk associated with it increases. After a year of high profile security breaches, this is even more important to guard against.

“If you do minimal testing then you could expose yourself to all sorts of security implications. It’s important to not only test the functionality of the software, but also to ensure your software isn’t generating any security vulnerabilities.”

– Gail Shlansky, Director of Products

  1. Testing Helps us Find Areas for Innovation.

Beyond day-to-day business goals, testing helps us continuously make our products better. To have someone who is dedicated to looking at your software with a critical eye is the best way to ensure innovative products.

“Testing is great for innovation. The more you do the testing, the more ideas you’ll come up with for how we can make better software. Testers aren’t just finding defects and fixing bugs. They’re finding workflow issues and inefficiencies that people may never have thought of without looking at our applications.”

– Gregory Hanson, Director of Sales Engineering

  1. You Can’t Control the Future, But Proper Testing is the Next Best Thing.

Ultimately, testing allows your team to take more control over your brand’s future. Given this opportunity, why wouldn’t you take it?

“Testing is not always the most fun or easy task, but it is something that should be done in order to prevent anything from going wrong. If you can control factors in the future you want to grab onto that opportunity whether that’s for your job, your company or your customers. Testing gives you some power to do that.”

– Bria Grangard Product Marketing Specialist (Connect with Bria on LinkedIn and TwitterTweet this.

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