Website Monitoring with AlertSite Helps Internet Retailer Fix Web Issues Faster
  September 06, 2011

Online shoppers are continuously becoming savvier and demanding more options to find, view, compare, share and purchase the items they want and need. Internet retailers are hustling to keep pace, on a constant mission to add new website functionality and content to enhance and personalize the online shopping experience and beat out the competition.

But while shoppers want a visually appealing, feature-rich shopping experience, they also want a site that performs well, and fast ... A challenge for retailers relying on multiple third-party application providers, or offering videos, product images, runway walks, virtual fitting rooms and other rich content. Even the social media sharing icons, which have become a staple of nearly every Web page, can slow down your site. The more features that are added to a website, the harder it is to maintain performance, and pinpoint the source of trouble should an error arise.


In this month's issue of Internet Retailer, SmartBear customer Sierra Trading Post explains how it relies on AlertSite to monitor website performance. Mike Tran, technology and business developer for the company, highlights how AlertSite performance monitoring and real-time alerts were integral during the launch of the company's new site design.


I encourage you to give "Find and Fix" a read. Do you know how well your website, and all its components, is performing at all times?