The Rise and Rise of Python: September Testing Webinar

  August 31, 2015

Python continues to get attraction worldwide. A September 2014 report from Dice lists Python as one of the fastest-growing skills based on increased job opportunities.

What this means for testers and developers?

The growth in Python jobs as well as associated salary means developers have an enormous opportunity which they can take advantage of in 2015. However, learning a new language like Python can be challenging. Some of these challenging areas could include:

  • What benefits does Python provide over languages such as Java and JavaScript?
  • If I am a beginner, should I start with Python or a different language?
  • If I am an experienced Java developer/tester, what challenges can I run into while learning Python?
  • What Python web frameworks are available and do how they differ?
  • How do I get started quickly?

To answer these questions along with many others, on September 9, 2015 I will be sitting down with our special guest Kenneth Love at our Why Python Is The Language To Learn webinar. Kenneth is the creator of the popular django-braces package and ‎Python Instructor at Treehouse. Treehouse helps developers and testers learn coding languages from over 1000 videos created by expert teachers and through interactive code challenges. Here are a few more reasons Python seems to be the new constant language for Testers and Developers alike.

Love for Python just doesn’t stop

The following job posting report from shows the % change in job listing for Python over the past few years. Python has had an impressive growth, especially when compared against older languages such as Java and Perl.

Part of this reason could be the fact that attracting skilled developers using older languages continues to remain challenging. And with developer following for Python building up, employers can somewhat easily find the skills they are looking for, especially for  a new project. A proxy for the increased developer following/interest in Python can be estimated using the increased Python repositories on GitHub. Python now sits at 3rd spot with more than 164k active repositories.

Git Reposit Python

Average Python salary continues to experience significant growth.

Demand for Python skillset continues to exceed the supply, resulting in the average salary of developers experiencing significant growth.  The research data from MS Gorroo shows some of these interesting shifts. For instance, from 2014 to 2015, the average US salary of a Python programmer has grown from $85k to $108K, a whopping 23% increase in base.  The numbers for New York and San Francisco are even crazier, with average salary being around $120K.

Infact, if one looks at the worldwide salary distribution Australia, United States, and Great Britain are key markets driving the growth in the average salary. The salary distribution worldwide looks something like this:

US Python Salaries


So, come learn Python with TestComplete and Treehouse. If you want us to answer any questions during the webinar, feel free to add them in the comments section below.

See you on September 9 then!