Our President's Club's Getaway in the Bahamas

  April 24, 2019

Each year, we recognize the top performing members of our sales team as members of the President’s Club. This year, we sent 23 of our President’s Club members and their partners on a getaway to Nassau Island in the Bahamas for some well-deserved sunshine, sand, entertainment, drinks, and more to reward them for their achievements.

The trip kicked-off on white sand beaches on Nassau Island where our CRO, Frank Roe, welcomed club members to the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort. The first evening was a day to bring together our winners to celebrate and commend each other for their their performance. “The evening provided a great opportunity for winners from both the Boston and Galway offices to have some time together for the first time since Sales Kick-off in January,” said Aaron Fox, one of our Sales Engineers. 

Everyday was filled with fun and relaxing activities out in the sun. On Monday, the entire group boarded a boat and took to the sea for a cruise and deep-sea snorkel around the Bahamian Islands. Then, everyone came back to the pool and beach to lounge, drink, and play volleyball against the locals – they crushed us!

The next day, everyone got to indulge in spa treatments, golf on a beautiful course, water sports, and land buggies! They drove the buggies all around the island, exploring its man-made and natural landmarks like forts, private beaches, and caves. The vast coastline provided plenty of secluded portions of beach for members to relax and enjoy the great Caribbean.  

The last night, the team came together to celebrate throughout the night with drinking, dancing, fire-shows, and more! It was a chance to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate a fantastic trip before returning to the mainland.

The trip was more than just a getaway for our team, it was a way to recognize and reward them for their hard work and achievements over the past year. Shane Hatheaway, Account Executive and 2-time President’s Club member, said: “As sales people, things don’t always go your way. Deals go sideways, markets change, and there’s competition everywhere. There are highs and lows throughout the year and making Club means you were able to persevere and overcome these obstacles to finish as a leader on your team. Being respected by your peers and commended for your achievements by the executive team is a special thing, and it motivates you to continue to succeed and repeat next year.” His goal is to make it a 3-peat club member – good luck Shane!

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