TestComplete 10.4 & QAComplete 9.9 Brings Collaboration Across Teams and Platforms
  October 07, 2014

The SmartBear team is thrilled to announce TestComplete 10.4 and QAComplete 9.9 release.  The focus of both these releases has been helping organizations deliver high quality applications in shorter release schedules by improving collaboration across various software testing groups. Additionally, with TestComplete 10.4 release, SmartBear has further enhanced its mobile, web, and desktop testing solution.  This includes support for PhoneGap, iOS 8Cordova, and Chromium Embedded Framework, among many frameworks.

Software teams are under ever-increasing pressure to deliver applications in shorter release cycles.  These shorter and more frequent releases are in turn leading to elimination of traditional divisions that segregated different software teams in the past.  A recent Forrester Research report effectively captures this trend by stating, “The walls between development, operations, and the business are coming down, ushering in a new age of collaboration that, in leading organizations, is already proving itself in delivering real business value faster and more frequently.” As a result of this trend, in this increasingly agile and continuous delivery model, maintaining software quality is no longer a responsibility of testers alone, but rather requires a joint effort among testers, developers, and business analysts.

However, many a time inspite of the obvious need to collaborate, these different testing groups often end up using different testing tools for running, analyzing, and managing manual and automated tests. As a result, basic tasks like tracking product readiness and ensuring test coverage can be difficult to complete, thereby lengthening the application time to market.

QAComplete and TestComplete integration, which is available as a part of this release, has been focused on breaking these silos and helping organizations achieve testing agility. QAComplete 9.9 provides a single interface for test orchestration. Team members can thereby not only collaborate on the design and planning of the tests, but also schedule and analyze automated and manual tests for different environments through a single interface. Additionally, the reporting capability of QAComplete delivers a full view of all tests run across multiple platforms in one easy-to-use interface.

Collaboration across these different testing groups can only work, if emerging platforms in desktop, mobile, and web are supported.  As a result, with TestComplete 10.4 release, SmartBear has focused on providing platform support for innovative standards such as HTML 5Cordova, PhoneGap, Chromium Embedded Framework and iOS 8. These standards have become crucial for enterprises looking to decrease time to market by using platform agnostic development languages. Infact, according to a recent Gartner report“Adobe PhoneGap is the de facto industry standard for hybrid wrapping technology, widely adopted by competitors in the MADP sector, and PhoneGap has engendered a rich ecosystem of third-party plug-ins and support.“

But Wait, There is More! In addition to product enhancements already mentioned, there are other great features available as a part of TestComplete 10.4 and QAComplete 9.9 release.  So, do not waste any more time, and try TestComplete and QAComplete yourself.