Take Your OpenAPI Specification files to a Whole New Level with AlertSite API Monitoring
  February 13, 2018

In our digital economy, innovation never stops. Increasingly, companies are recognizing the value of design as an imperative part of the software development lifecycle. API definition formats such as OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) provide a contract for development teams to describe and determine how each API is supposed to behave. These formats help generate documentation for end users to understand how to work with these APIs. However, very few companies are able to successfully leverage these designs in other elements of their business structure. Until now.

We’re excited to announce that AlertSite, SmartBear’s synthetic monitoring tool, now supports reusing OpenAPI Specification files to create new API monitors, so you can monitor the performance, availability, and functional correctness of the APIs you design. AlertSite helps you reuse your OpenAPI Specification files to help you answer these vital questions:

  • Are my APIs available?
  • Are they functioning correctly?

With this new integration, your development team can simply hand off any existing OAS definitions (currently supporting OAS (or Swagger) 2.0) to your operations team to auto-generate monitors to ensure that the API is functioning as expected. Or better yet, development teams can leverage the OAS definitions to create new monitors in pre-production environments.

Why does this matter?

When organizations working in a DevOps environment can reuse existing assets, it can reduce friction and eliminate unnecessary roadblocks in the deployment process. Following a “design first” approach to OAS requires detailed planning of expectations and requirements for each API’s functionality, so to be able carry that through in a manner that reduces time to deployment as well as mean time to resolution is vital for agile teams.

Another major benefit is the cross functional collaboration and alignment that stems from leveraging the API definitions to create new monitors. As an API evolves and new versions are released, development and operations teams can continue to reuse the OAS definition to update monitors, ensuring that the API continues to perform as expected.

Adding to its API monitoring arsenal, AlertSite’s OpenAPI Specification support makes it easy for developers and operations teams alike to determine the status and behavior of the APIs they rely on. AlertSite empowers DevOps teams to monitor continuously for anomalies and sends targeted alerts with actionable, contextual data so any issues can be resolved rapidly, ensuring that your APIs are not only available, but also delivering the experience envisioned in their design. This enhancement of AlertSite API Monitoring capabilities is the first of many, with exciting new integrations and functionalities planned for the 2018.

To give it a try, sign up here, and we’ll get you monitoring in no time.

About AlertSite:

AlertSite from SmartBear is an intuitive tool used to monitor APIs, web applications, and mobile performance. With its intelligent alerting system, codeless scripting, and internal and external monitoring options, AlertSite provides a 360° view into the performance health and functional correctness of business critical digital assets. For more information, visit https://smartbear.com/product/alertsite/overview/ and follow @AlertSite on Twitter.