Speed Up Your API Development with Service Virtualization

  August 25, 2017

Let’s say you have designed and documented a new Swagger API. You must develop and test it to ensure everything works as intended before you can release it to your customers so they can provide feedback. To incorporate their feedback, you’ll need to go through the entire development cycle all over again.

However, repeating this process is time-intensive and costly. Mocking and sandboxing limit how many scenarios you can test at a time, which means that you go through the entire development cycle every time you want to change your API. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could catch defects and get feedback from end users, customers and managers before you code at all?

The good news is you can do just that with Service Virtualization, which allows you to fully implement the service you need, rather than the static implementation that mocking allows. For API design and development, this offers many benefits:

  • They are quick to create.
  • With virtualization, your testing will be more realistic because you can import real data into your tests.
  • Mocking is heavily manual, while virtualization can be pre-packaged, modified and reused.

Service Virtualization tools, such as ServiceV Pro, allow you to accurately simulate the behavior of components that are either unavailable or difficult to access during development, testing and beyond. This practice is not limited to APIs, but can be done for a variety of other services, including for JDBC.

The ability to push changes to your consumers, customers and managers before entering into the development process will mean that your team will receive feedback on your API much faster than before. Because you will discover flaws before you write any code, you’ll reduce the time you spend correcting defects. In the long term your organization will save time and money.

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