Sounds for TestComplete Events

  January 25, 2007

TestComplete provides a number of events that can have sounds assigned to them. Every time these events occur, the computer will play the appropriate sound and thus notify you about the event. The sound notification is useful, especially if you are not at the computer where the test is running.

TestComplete offers the following events:

Event Description
Breakpoint Hit Occurs every time the script execution is paused on a breakpoint.
Playback Completed with Errors Occurs when the test run is over and the test log contains error messages.
Playback Completed with Warnings Occurs when the test run finishes and the test log contains warning messages.
Successful Playback Occurs when the test run finished and the test log does not contain error or warning messages.

To specify the sound to be played for each of these events, use the standard Sound and Audio Device Properties dialog. You can call this dialog from the Control Panel:

To associate a sound with the event:

  • Find the TestComplete 5 node in the Program events box of the dialog.
  • Choose the desired event under the TestComplete 5 node.
  • In the Sounds box specify the sound to be played when the event occurs.