SmartBear Volunteers Serve Roughly 135 Women at Rosie’s Place
  April 14, 2017

The aroma of freshly made chili fills the air. A team of volunteers anxiously assumes their positions by their food station, watching the clock tick to noon. As the doors open, nearly 135 hungry women pour into the room. The lunch rush has arrived at Rosie’s Place, and a team of 13 SmartBear employees are ready to serve.

Rosie’s place is a sanctuary for poor and homeless women in the Boston area. The safe haven offers a variety of resources, including helping women find housing and jobs, assisting with legal services, providing free English classes, serving hot meals, and much more.

SmartBear employees spent their day in the kitchen, assisting with meal preparation and service. From cleaning tables and arranging the dining area, to slicing and dicing vegetables, the team jumped right into their work.

“We couldn’t do what we do without volunteers,” says Michele Chausse, Director of Communications at Rosie’s Place. “They really make the scope of the work possible. Over the course of the year, volunteers contribute about 59,000 hours of service, and that is the equivalent of 29 employees.”


Dana Rogozenski, Customer Success Education and Advocacy Manager at SmartBear, says that this was her second year volunteering at Rosie’s Place. She is so grateful she had the opportunity to help out.

“I loved meeting the women and seeing the smiles on their faces with the hot meal we were there to serve," remarks Rogozenski.

Director of Renewals, Doug Prouty, agrees saying it was a really good feeling to feed lunch to so many women and that the day was a great team-building experience.

"Volunteering at Rosie's Place was a really positive life experience - it felt awesome to give back," adds Matt Connolly, Renewals Advisor.

At SmartBear, we see immense value in volunteering, and each employee is given a paid "community service day." The company coordinates quarterly volunteering opportunities and also encourages employees to volunteer on their own.

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we hope you get the chance to get out in your community and make an impact!

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