SmartBear Study Hall: An Inside Look at TestComplete 201
  February 13, 2017

Hello SmartBear Study Hall readers! I am excited for this week’s topic; a preview to our SmartBear Academy TestComplete 201 class which you can attend on Wednesday the 15th.

Our 201 classes are focused on more advanced topics and this quarter we’re covering Frameworks. Hosting the class is a QA Automation Solution Architect, Pramod T R, from Nous Infosystems, one of our trusted service partners.

In preparation for the class on Wednesday February 15th at 11:30am EST, I want to share the key objectives that will be covered. Understanding the basics of Frameworks will prepare you to follow along live in TestComplete during the training.

So what is Test Automation Framework? And why should you use it? Here are 4 main reasons:

  • Automation Framework provides an outline of overall Test Structure while ensuring consistency of Testing.
  • Automation Framework minimizes the amount of code for Script Development.
  • Automation Framework reduces the exposure of non-technical testers to Script.
  • Automation Framework enables you to use Test Data in Test Automation.

So now you know the what and why. Did you know there are 5 types of Automation Frameworks? Yes, 5! Read up on these to understand the vocabulary and talking points during the live training Wednesday.

  • Modular – Test Script Modularity Framework and Test Library Architecture Framework are two types of Modular Frameworks.
  • Data Driven – Repeated use of Test Scripts with different predefined data sets.
  • Keyword Driven – Keywords handle each type of Test Object created which are independent of the Automation tool.
  • Hybrid – Combination of the different types of Frameworks.
  • Scriptless – See diagram below.


During the live class Pramod will walk you through each advantage of the Automation Framework types in TestComplete.

Now that you have the study notes, be sure to block off your calendar and join us live! Save your spot today; Register here.

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