SmartBear Hits 50-Engineer Mark in Wroclaw – And Aiming Higher

  September 01, 2021

When we opened our new SmartBear office in Wroclaw last year, we had a lot of hills to climb. The first was simply getting the office space. The second was making our way through a pandemic. The third was getting our name out there as an American company in Poland and acquiring the caliber of talent we knew we needed.

We’re happy to say that we hit our milestones based on those uphill battles, and it just culminated with our most recent accomplishment: Reaching 50 engineers in Wroclaw.

And it’s only going to get better.

Our approach to software tools: family first

If you’re not familiar with SmartBear, you will be. We’re growing, innovative, dead set on our mission to assuring quality, and have a lot of fun on the way. We’re the owners of world-class tools you know, and many you don’t – Swagger, Cucumber, ReadyAPI (formerly SoapUI Pro), BitBar, LoadNinja, Zephyr Enterprise, Bugsnag, and more. All these tools under one roof, with the goal of seamless integration, along with our overall focus on quality.

And not only is our portfolio robust, but we’re adding to the family when we see a fantastic opportunity. Bugsnag is our latest addition, and serves as a perfect example of our mentality when adding new tools: make it a point to fully embrace the founders of each tool that comes on board, to the point that SmartBear still has 20 founders of all the tools that we’ve brought into the fold over the years.

Setting the tone for (individual) success

To get where we are today, and keep succeeding along this path, we know there a few fundamental steps to help both our personal and technological development. Here are but a few:

Grow with our own products

We are product company, our engineers directly influence what happens with our own products internally. You get to experience another level of influence when your voice is heard from the inside.

Exploratory Fridays

Engineers have time set aside to develop their skills. Research new tech stacks, check out the latest modes and approaches, or track down other ways to inspire you or help improve your skills at engineering software.

Main tech stack

No ancient solutions here. A lot of us have had to deal with the software tools companies have used for years that everyone has to struggle with and which require constant maintenance. We use well-known languages, mainly Java and JavaScript, along with different frameworks (react, vue.js, angular), node.js, and AWS.

And more on the way

The above is clearly a very limited amount of information into what’s happening at our new Wroclaw office, but it’s only going up from here. To find out more about what we bring to the table to the software world – and, if you’re intrigued, to check out our current opportunities – go to for more.