SmartBear + Cucumber: Bringing Together the Value of BDD and Test Automation

  June 25, 2019

Today we’re thrilled to announce that SmartBear has acquired Cucumber Ltd, the most widely adopted leader in the behavior-driven development (BDD) community and creator of the open source test automation framework “Cucumber.” 

Nearly a million developers and testers around the globe use the Cucumber open source tooling to enhance their agile development practices using BDD.  

Why the acquisition? Here at SmartBear, our mission is to enable teams to drive quality throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). We think it’s important to support open source communities that align with that mission and have actively invested in the evolution of communities like Swagger and SoapUI. We look forward to seeing how we can support the growing Cucumber open source community in the years ahead.  

We’re also excited to bring Cucumber together with HipTest, our collaboration platform for BDD, to create what we think will be the most comprehensive solution for BDD workflows out there. This will enable teams to get the most value out of their BDD scenarios through deep collaboration and integration with relevant developer tools (more information to come!) 

What does this mean for Cucumber open source? 

With additional investment from SmartBear, the Cucumber open source project, under the continued leadership of Aslak Helles√ły, will be able to accelerate its ability to address the priorities identified by the community. 

What does this mean for Cucumber Ltd. customers? 

Cucumber will continue to be a leading source of education and training around BDD practices for Agile teams.  

On the commercial side, we expect to combine the commercial Cucumber product, Jam, with the HipTest collaboration platform and will develop a joint product roadmap. 

What does this mean for HipTest customers? 

As promised when HipTest joined the SmartBear family in 2018, we have continued to innovate and grow the HipTest platform, building new capabilities into the SmartBear testing portfolio. 

The addition of Cucumber will enable the HipTest and Cucumber product teams to leverage their shared expertise in the BDD space and bring the platform to new heights.  

Be sure to keep an eye out for more updates from the HipTest team about future product enhancements. And if you still haven’t tried HipTest, now is a great time to try

What does this mean for SmartBear customers? 

Cucumber fits in perfectly with our mission to enable teams to drive quality throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).  

If you’re a customer that wants to take your Agile development to the next level, and adopt behavior-driven development, you’ll love the combined offering of Cucumber and HipTest. Customers can also expect further investment into our test automation and test management tools to support BDD workflows.  

From everyone here at SmartBear, we are thrilled to welcome Cucumber to the SmartBear family! 

What's next for Cucumber + SmartBear?

We are hosting a webinar with the Cucumber team on July 11th, "How BDD Can Save Your Agile!" Learn how adopting BDD with Cucumber can help enhance your agile development practices.

Reserve your spot now.