Reinvent your API Lifecycle with SmartBear & AWS at AWS re:Invent

  November 27, 2017

AWS re:Invent is one of the largest cloud computing conferences in the world, bringing more than 40,000 developers, system administrators, architects, and technical leaders together to hear the latest news and gain hands-on experience working with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem and their partners. 

This is the second year that SmartBear will be sponsoring the event, which will take place in Las Vegas, in the United States from Nov 27 to Dec 1. 

Thousands of software teams around the world rely on AWS to build, host, secure, manage their applications, and scale their software delivery. As a leading provider of software quality tools for teams, we are thrilled to have the chance to connect and learn from the AWS community.  

Re:inventing the API lifecycle with SmartBear & AWS 

One of the biggest reasons SmartBear participates in AWS re:Invent each year, is the integration our API solutions — ReadyAPI and SwaggerHub — have with AWS solutions like Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. Amazon API Gateway allows developers to create, publish, monitor and secure APIs at any scale, while AWS Lambda enables teams to focus on creating and running code without provisioning and managing any servers SmartBear powers the entire lifecycle of your API on AWS — from design and development, to test and deployment.   

SwaggerHub is one of the only API design and documentation platform to offer direct integration with Amazon API Gateway, providing a central platform for your team to collaborate on the design and documentation of your APIs, and securely deploy your APIs to AWS. With the integration, you can expose your API on the Amazon Gateway for consumption, quickly and automatically. Serverless deployment is also taken care of, with SwaggerHub auto-generating the building blocks of your API code in Amazon Lambda from the OpenAPI (Swagger) definition in SwaggerHub.  

ReadyAPI offers a plugin to Amazon API Gateway, which allows API consumers and testers to read an API from Amazon API Gateway and quickly generate a test framework in ReadyAPI. Testers can also quickly generate a virtual API with SmartBear’s API virtualization tool, ServiceV Pro, while importing from Amazon API Gateway, enabling testing of various simulations in a controlled environment. Testers can also deploy new APIs to Amazon API Gateway, using ReadyAPI to develop and test APIs, and deploy the API when ready to push it to a shared environment.  

Along with our API lifecycle solutions, we will also be showcasing all the software quality solutions SmartBear offers to help teams deliver world-class applications, faster. From testing solutions like TestComplete, QAComplete, and CrossBrowserTesting, application monitoring in AlertSite, and code and document review in Collaborator — we’re looking forward to sharing how our tools help teams overcome challenges across the software development lifecycle. 

Connect with SmartBear at AWS re:Invent 

With more than 40,000 people in attendance, 4 full days of keynotes, trainings, and sessions, and hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their solutions, we know that you’re gearing up for a busy week at AWS re:Invent. 

If you’re at the show, we hope you’ll stop by to meet the SmartBear team, and share your experience developing applications with AWS. We’ll be giving away our new t-shirts for lovers of APIs (and IPAs), and also raffling off two Nintendo Switch game consoles.  

You can find us at Booth #2423. You can also tweet at us and let us know you’ll be at the show: @SmartBear.