Redacting a Comment
  June 01, 2010

(This blog entry is part of a series of entries describing some of the new features in Code Collaborator v6.0. The series content is listed in this entry.)

This topic has been discussed before: Code Collaborator does not allow you to delete a comment after it has been entered. As Jason discussed, there are two reasons for this:

  • Your comments are displayed in real time to other participants; the comment pane is essentially an instant messaging (IM) client and people don't expect to see IM entries disappear
  • For auditing purposes, some of our customers require the trail of comments to be immutable

But that doesn't change reality: Many of our users do want to be able to delete comments. The most common use case is you enter in a comment and then realize: "Doh! That's not really what I meant to put in!"

Starting with v6.0 you can redact a comment. It is not the same as delete, but it at least makes it obvious to other review participants that they don't need to read that comment.

As an example, here's a comment that I have decided I want to redact:


If I hover the mouse over that comment, a red X appears:


Clicking the red X redacts the comment:


Making it much less noticeable than comments that have not been redacted:


This feature is new and subject to tuning during the v6.0 beta program (in part to deal with browser compatibility issues). I'm particularly interested in Section 508 compliance, as there might be some screen reader issues. I know we have blind users of our product - if you have thoughts on accessibility (or usability) of this feature, please leave them as a comment.