Quality Takes Center Stage at SmartBear Connect 2020

  May 12, 2020

Our annual user conference, SmartBear Connect, wrapped up last week, marking the largest event in our company’s history. More than 3,000 registrants across 66 countries signed up for our first-ever virtual conference to learn more about the latest SmartBear solution features, as well as insights from well-known names across the software industry.

It can be hard to pinpoint a single common thread across a 40+ session agenda that spanned nearly the entire SmartBear portfolio from AlertSite to Zephyr. But, as I looked for a pattern that might emerge from the notes I took, I realized that the vast agenda for SmartBear Connect 2020 wasn’t focused on building quality development testing processes, it was focused on building quality outcomes.

I had the opportunity in 2014 to interview DevOps guru Gene Kim. DevOps, while certainly not “new” at the time, was still being defined in a million different ways, and when I asked Gene for his personal definition, he told me:

I would define DevOps by the outcomes. In my mind, DevOps are those sets of cultural norms and technology practices that enable the fast flow of planned work from, among others, development, through tests into operations while preserving world class reliability, operation and security.

“Technology Practices”

SmartBear Connect 2020 covered a number of technology practices, including: BDD, API design, DevOps, performance & load testing, mobile app dev/test environments, and more.

Recommended Sessions

“Cultural Norms”

The “cultural norms” that Gene was referring to in his definition of DevOps were those that lead to highly efficient, productive teams working toward shared, organization-wide goals. Unfortunately, for too long in the tech industry, cultural norms have been practices that prevented teams from reaching their full potential by being siloed and exclusionary, resulting in poor job satisfaction and stifled innovation. SmartBear Connect 2020 acknowledged the continued need for guidance around building inclusive cultures that boost morale and employee contributions.

Recommended Sessions

Whether you’re a developer, an API designer, a DevOps engineer, a software tester, or you’re just passionate about workplace diversity and employee engagement, SmartBear Connect 2020 featured some outstanding sessions for everyone. You can definitely find sessions that dive deep into each individual stage of the software delivery lifecycle, but quality remains a constant focus.

Quality user experiences are only made possible by quality teams; SmartBear Connect 2020 was proof of that.

Did you know the entire session catalog for SmartBear Connect 2020 is now available on-demand? Check out the full agenda, and be sure to share your favorite videos with your peers and colleagues!