Q&A with new SmartBear SVP of Engineering, Vineeta Puranik

  March 05, 2021

Vineeta Puranik recently joined SmartBear as our new SVP of Engineering. We sat down with her to learn more about her accomplished background in the tech industry, her belief in the power of collaboration and diversity, and what excites her most about joining our company. 

Emoni: What interested you in joining SmartBear? 

Vineeta: Every company in the world now views themselves as a software company, whether it be retail, healthcare, financials, or any other industry. Software is now an integral part of everyday life. And, with software running the world, the tools that help us create high-quality software are an absolute must. This software is getting developed at a rapid pace with methodologies like agile, and lean, and teams are also now increasingly adopting API-first design principles.  

The SmartBear suite of products fits perfectly in this equation, helping companies adopt and scale the initiatives above, as well with their efforts around digital transformation. Our products help developers around the world accelerate the delivery of high-quality products. Whether you are SaaS, on-premises, in a public or private cloud, or on your own unique transformation journey, SmartBear has industry-leading products that add efficiency and quality across the entire software delivery lifecycle. I found the breadth of these products and the potential for growth very impressive. 

The people here were definitely another strong factor. Everyone I’ve spoken with is collaborative, respectful, and so passionate about this company. Getting a chance to work with best-in- class individuals around the world is very exciting. 

Emoni: What do you see as the opportunity ahead for the SmartBear engineering team? 

Vineeta: We have talented teams around the globe. There is strength in our diversity, but physical distance and time zones can lead to isolated teams. Breaking down silos will help us get stronger with shared experiences. Rather than focusing on one product at a time, we can find synergies and opportunities. Integrations between products that will help customers in their transformation journeys.  

We can also collect valuable analytical data about these journeys and then share our insights across our teams here, as well as within the software industry as a whole. 

I spent the last seven years in the software security industry and am excited to bring that experience to the existing best practices around security at SmartBear. The engineering team here has always championed the importance of security, as do our customers, and our products will continue to reflect that. 

Innovation is another engineering must. Through hackathons, and other engaging means, we will always prioritize innovation, whether it be for our technology, processes, or tools, creativity fuels the productivity in all of us. Last but not the least, let’s “drink our own champagne,” or some say, “eat our own dogfood.” Let’s use our products in our own software delivery lifecycle and prove the value of doing so to our customers. 

Emoni: How important is DevOps for multi-shore, globally distributed organizations like SmartBear? 

Vineeta: The DevOps movement is critical for SmartBear and all companies that have globally distributed teams. DevOps is about adopting processes, technologies, and architectures that help us deliver high quality, secure, stable, reliable software at scale. And with speed. It empowers teams through the entire software workflow, whether you’re in development, testing, operations, and all the way to deployment – allowing for continuous improvement in every stage. 

Companies grow through acquisitions to broaden their portfolio, or hire the right people for the job no matter where they live. Teams can, and will, have different DevOps maturities, and some may be only just beginning their DevOps journeys. There is huge strength in diversity, and we should always look for opportunities to break down silos and create avenues. So all teams can share best practices, wins, as well as lessons learned as they embark on “shift-left” DevOps journeys. Software excellence is the same no matter how or where you write it.  Teams can help each other get better in terms of quality and efficiency of releases so that we can rapidly and continuously create business value for our customers. 

Emoni: What have you observed during your first few weeks here that you’ve been inspired by or excited to learn? 

Vineeta: The breadth of our portfolio and talent we have in our teams across the globe is impressive. One thing that has stood out the most for me is how collaborative and helpful everyone is here. In these difficult, pandemic times, I have had to onboard in an unfamiliar, all-remote way, but that has not stopped people from reaching out and welcoming me to SmartBear family. The truly global nature of SmartBear is refreshing, and I’ve already seen diversity at play and everyone working so seamlessly every day since I’ve started. I look forward to meeting people in-person soon and enjoying SmartBear culture to its fullest.