Now that TestComplete 8 is Out, Ways to Learn More
  August 05, 2010

Now that TestComplete 8 has been released and you have downloaded it, what are some of the things you should do to learn more about it:

Catch up on New Features with Videos

Get started with the new features by watching some of our TestComplete 8 videos:

TestComplete 8 Training - Keyword-Driven Testing

Another great option to getting started with TestComplete 8's new features is to join the training offered by our partner Falafel Software.

On August 16th - 18th, we are offering a keyword-driven testing online training course via GoToWebinar. This training takes you through TestComplete 8's full set of tools for test automation along with the new features and illustrates how to create Keyword-Driven Tests for automation; including Windows client, Web client, database access, HTTP performance testing, best practices and more. The class is right around the corner, so hurry and sign up for this online course today.

Other TestComplete 8 Training Options

If you're interested in another type of training for TestComplete 8, we offer several variations of online and in-class training. You can find more information here:

TestComplete 8 Free Webinars

Also, don't forget to sign up for our weekly TestComplete 8 webinar if you are new to TestComplete. If you're just interested in seeing the new features in TestComplete 8 sign up for our What's New in TestComplete 8 webinar happening at 2PM EDT today, August 5th.