Life as a Content Marketing Manager at SmartBear

  March 08, 2019

I had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Saoirse Hinksmon who has worked in the marketing department for almost 2 years. She shared with me insight into why she loves working at SmartBear, how she has grown, and advice she would give to anyone starting a career here. Check out the interview below. 

What do you do at SmartBear?

I’m a Digital Content Marketing Manager here at SmartBear, working on our Performance Tools, including LoadNinja and AlertSite. I run demand generation and product marketing for both of these product lines.

How long have you worked at SmartBear?

I’ve been here for a little under two years now. I will have been here for two years this August!

What do you work on, what are your responsibilities?

As one of my bosses had phrased it in the past, I am essentially the mini CMO for our LoadNinja and AlertSite products. Any marketing collateral or campaigns for these products are things I work on, which can range from webinars, white papers, ad campaigns, to adding web pages.

What makes SmartBear special to you? 

The first thing that makes SmartBear special to me is the people. Our team is not one that you can find anywhere else. I work with smart, driven, inspiring people who also can find the time in the day to laugh it out and shoot nerf guns across the office. Secondly, SmartBear puts a lot of confidence in our marketing team in terms of responsibilities, which is super unique as a marketer. I can try new things confidently, take risks, and take on different tasks that would normally be considered a specialist position I wouldn’t be exposed to.

How has working here impacted you personally and in terms of your career?

I’ve learned an immense amount in such a short amount of time. Taking on the level of responsibility that I have is not something I could have done elsewhere. Plus, all of my colleagues are incredibly talented and smart, so I’m learning something new from them every day. Our perspective on marketing here can be really challenging and invigorating at the same time.

How would you describe the company culture?

There is a work hard, play hard vibe in the sense that we all take pride in the work that we do, but we also can appreciate the fact that there’s a world outside of work that can be pretty amazing too.

What are your favorite perks from working at SmartBear?

I love our location. Assembly Row has so many cool things to offer & our office is the perfect balance of fun and focused.

What would you say to someone thinking about working at SmartBear?

Absolutely run toward any open opportunity!

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