Introducing a New, Flexible Pricing Model
  September 28, 2009

We're excited to announce a new, flexible pricing plan for all current and future AlertSite customers. Our new model, Usage Based Monitoring, differs from the "one price fits all" mentality that previously ruled the industry. Instead of monthly service fees or locked-in pricing plans, customers purchase measurement credits that can be consumed at their discretion over the course of the contract period. With AlertSite, that period can be upwards of 12 months, giving customers a longer period to consume purchased credits. At the end of the contract period, if customers still haven't used all of their credits, up to 20 percent of the unused measurements can be rolled over into the following year.

Here's how it works: One credit gets you a one-time look at the performance of a single Web page from one of our North American monitoring locations. For two credits, you can check the performance of one full page from a monitoring location outside North America.

And it's affordable--each credit costs less than a penny.

The idea behind this plan is to give customers more flexibility over their monitoring. You can ramp up during sales/promotions or pause monitoring during scheduled downtimes. You can also try different services with minimal commitment (credits can be used with any Monitoring Suite Service).

To learn more or switch over to this new model, contact your Account Manager at any time. Prospective customers can call 877-302-5378 or e-mail