Intel Services and SmartBear Collaborate to Help Developers Make ‘Stuff That Works’
  January 20, 2015

Written by Harneet Singh, Product Management for Developer Tools at Intel Mashery

Today, we are pleased to announce that Intel® Mashery™ I/O Docs is coming to SmartBear!  Available as a plugin, you can now import your Mashery I/O Docs definitions into Ready! API, enabling you to save countless keystrokes and precious time. These two tools help development and test teams work seamlessly together to build, test, and scale great APIs.  With this plugin, your investment in creating I/O Docs definitions within your Mashery service will pay further dividends by getting you up and running on your Ready! API environment faster and with less errors.  And if you are not yet using Mashery, we are making it easier for you to get up and running by allowing the loading of your Ready! API definitions into our service.

Intel Services has been helping API providers bring high quality services live since we started the modern API Management movement in 2006.  From day one, it’s been our mission to lead the market with API management products that simply work.  Much of our focus was on adding value by providing tools that helped our customers and their partners get to production or market faster.  With that idea, our I/O Docs feature was a first important step around documentation and testing. It let developers achieve faster time to market with a clean, powerful interface for executing live API calls right from your API documentation, directly in the workflow of your developer portal. With I/O Docs, developers spent less time reading and demoing —and more time coding great apps.

SmartBear is focused on helping API providers get to market faster as well, but from the angle of accelerating validation and test cycles, obviously an incredibly important ingredient to anyone’s API program. Recognizing that we could help further, and seeing our customers’ increasing adoption of Ready! API, it was natural for us to partner with our new friends at SmartBear.  By providing this plugin to Ready! API, our customers have a new avenue to utilize their existing Mashery investment and get more APIs to market with high quality.  It also supports the ability to export and load your existing Ready! API definitions into Mashery.  Both of which makes happier customers, which makes us happy.

Once again, we’re thrilled to be collaborating with SmartBear to help our joint customers get more done quickly and with quality.

We’ll be showcasing this new I/O Docs plugin for Ready! API in an Intel Services and SmartBear joint Webinar on January 28, titled “Develop, Document, and Deliver with Intel® Mashery™ I/O Docs and Ready! API.”

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