Inevitable or Preventable? Herein Lies Our Mission

  June 30, 2020

Software bugs are inevitable. Performance and load surprises are inevitable. API errors are inevitable. Software, delivered with vast differences from what you envisioned, inevitable. Tighter timelines and more and more feature requests are inevitable. 

And that’s all in a normal year.

New viruses with potential to turn into global pandemics are also inevitable – and we haven’t seen the last of them.

Problems are everywhere. But you, as software developers, testers, and leaders, are all focused on better outcomes and continually improving quality.

I’ve been at SmartBear for a year now, and I’m thrilled to lead our global and diverse Marketing team for this fast-moving organization. While SmartBear has been providing popular tools for software developers and testers for more than a decade, we’re just beginning to articulate why we do what we do. 

In other words, we’re at the point where we need to be up-front that we’re driven by a tangible mission and purpose. While a mission has been with us from the beginning, implied in everything we do, we don’t come out and say it often enough. Our marketing, product, and support teams ensure we share information about the tools, open source projects, and features we provide, along with our integrations and how to solve specific problems. This is all critically important, and I sincerely hope you’ve been able to get the information you need about the products that interest you 

However, doing the right thing for SmartBear in 2020 means a bit more. It means being reflective about what we believe is important, and why we’re indeed on a macro mission.

Our mission is simply to help individuals and teams of all sizes, whatever stage of sophistication or automation you’re in, to deliver your best possible outcome. In doing that, we hope to make our technology-dependent world a better quality place. In other words, we’re all about quality. Not simply quality control, quality testing, quality assurance, or quality checks – just pure Quality.

What do we mean by Quality, and why is it relevant in the middle of 2020?

Quality is an ongoing process to take away the worst possible results of the “inevitable” and make them more “preventable.” Messy problems will happen, but what we learn and put in place makes the difference in predicting and preventing the worst from happening.

Software, apps, and API’s are taking an even more important front seat this year, with boosts in eCommerce, home delivery, and new concepts like “contact tracing” that require a lot of software. In the realm of software development and API lifecycle, the quality process is now so much more urgent. Specifically, using the right tools to prevent problems from arising – BDD/Cucumber, code review, functional API and performance testing, API lifecycle management, and alert notifications all form protective “halos” to prevent problems in the software development lifecycle. Pre-planning for your peak load, building in tests ahead of time, knowing whether your app will work on every possible device, and finding bugs early.  It makes so many problems preventable and puts you ahead of the game.

And we can help. With all of it. 2020 has added a lot of pressure of delivering in this environment, so go with a company that stands for something lasting. Whether you’re interacting in person or over the web, we’ll work with you to go in the right direction. And we can make an impact together for years to come.

Have something specific you need help with? Not sure where to start and need general information? We’re here to get you where you’re going. Contact us today.