Hardware Requirements for Large Installations

  February 23, 2009

We frequently get asked: "How big a server do I need for running Code Collaborator?"

The recommended hardware for 100 users is here:


For a larger installation, we recommend 8GB of RAM and at least 4 CPUs.  The rest of the configuration above is fine.

But it's a really hard question because once you have, for example 1000 users, that means many different groups with very different usage patterns.  Some use Code Collaborator daily, others monthly, some are in the same time zone and some are not.

The reason that matters is that it's the peak concurrent workload that controls the hardware requirements. In other words, the number of users who are signed on and actually participating in reviews at the same time - that's when server activity peaks and server resources are scarcest.  And with large installations it's hard to match "number of users" with "peak usage numbers."

The values above should work, however, and we have customers running successfully with peaks of more than 300 concurrent users accessing the server at once.  Also note that you can always buy more servers and distribute the workload without having to stop using the original server.