Control and Automate Your Testing with ReadyAPI + Zephyr Scale

Collaboration done right with ReadyAPI + Zephyr Scale
  September 05, 2022

Control and Automate Your Testing with ReadyAPI + Zephyr Scale

Testing is the bottleneck of DevOps

80% of testing is done manually. This is time-consuming, error-prone, tedious, and expensive. It's a hundred times more expensive to fix an error caught in production versus an error caught. Dev teams are being pushed to release code faster, release new features faster, and beat their competitors in every possible way. 

Automation is a cheaper and more accurate way to test. It lets everyone focus on most important goals. However, even when teams decide to adopt test automation, they often lack the time and resources to evaluate automation tools. 

ReadyAPI is a flexible testing platform 

ReadyAPI allows for the creation of functional, security, and performance tests all in one platform. Additionally, you can remove external and internal dependencies through virtualization, allowing you to shift left and test earlier in the development cycle.  

Automate and optimize API test management with continuous integration tools 

The ReadyAPI platform allows developers, QA engineers, and manual testers to work together to virtualize create, manage, and execute complex end-to-end API tests. There’s no need to code, but if you want to, there’s a fully functioning IDE. 

Robust automation tools let teams become more agile and move into a continuous testing environment. Then teams can harness the power of DevOps capability by scaling, quantifying costs, and building innovation. Reaching autonomous testing means introducing AI that allows users to focus on business goals. 

ReadyAPI is flexible with CI/CD integrations. 

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Create detail-rich dashboards and reports 

Zephyr Scale is an advanced cross-project test management solution. It comes with advanced usability features such as cross-project test libraries and versioning parameters, as well as advanced test planning and reporting features. 

Zephyr Scale allows the option to scale testing with Behavior-Driven Development, CI/CD tools, and automation integration. It’s ideally suited for teams and organizations working with large test libraries across multiple projects on a single JIRA. 

Testing reports, cross-project reporting, and JIRA dashboard gadgets give everyone on the team on-demand data for all testing activity, both manual and automated. 

Zephyr Scale is a particularly good option for teams coming from a legacy test management tool, such as Microfocus ALM or TestRail, who are looking for enterprise-grade features for a test management solution inside of JIRA. 

Use these tools simultaneously to work cross-functionally, collaborate, and gain end-to-end visibility into software projects 

What are the benefits of using test management and test automation together? Test coverage is quantifiable. All results are aggregated in one location. The coverage scales across automation and manual test cases, both live in a centralized location rather than two separate aspects. 

Defects are detected earlier, with a link to a test case and a link to a requirement so you can see exactly what's failing. Increase your speed to delivery by creating automated scripts with ReadyAPI, then sending those results to Zephyr Scale to analyze them. 

Finally, it’s easier to spot trends when you look at defects that are linked to a requirement. 

Manage your test cases to improve quality 

The workflow with Zephyr Scale and ReadyAPI starts in JIRA. The product teams create requirements and user stories in JIRA. Then the requirements to a test case can be done directly from the requirement or JIRA story itself, and tied in with the Zephyr test case. From the JIRA story or requirement, create a test case or link a test case from an already existing project. 

Zephyr Scale works across all of your projects inside of JIRA. This allows you to use user requirements and stories from any project within JIRA, as well as shared test cases throughout the projects. 

While manual of testing is happening in JIRA, Zephyr Scale automation testing can happen in parallel. Then the results of automated testing can be pushed to Zephyr Scale using any CD tool or API connection. With that, all your results from automated and manual testing are in one place. 

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