Checklist of Canary Testing Frameworks
  April 20, 2020

Agile development makes extensive use of tests to ensure new code doesn't introduce regressions. While certainly valuable, they don't prevent every problem from reaching production users. It's not feasible to have 100% test coverage, and even if there were, there's no guarantee the tests themselves are error-free.

Canary tests add a layer of quality assurance to the Agile development process by letting you release the new code to a small set of actual users. If issues arise, just quickly roll back the changes before they’re deployed to the entire user base. It's an easy way to gauge how code will perform in the wild before making a big change.

Read more about how canary tests work and adding automation to load testing.

Use the following checklist to find the right canary testing framework for your application.

  • LaunchDarkly
    A fast and reliable feature management platform for modern enterprises. With an easy-to-use backend, stakeholders can easily manage features, debug any problems, and manage their features across their user base.
  • Cloudbees
    A platform to gradually deliver features to users in confidence, in real-time. With its comprehensive feature set, developers can access fine-grain details about any feature and integrate into any language or platform.
  • Unleash
    An open source feature flag and toggle service for JavaScript applications running on Java, NodeJS, Go, Ruby, Python, or .NET, as well as Elixir and Laravel (PHP).
  • Rollout
    A Ruby gem that makes it easy to programmatically add feature flags to any Ruby on Rails application without adding technical debt. There’s also a PHP version.

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