Better Test Design: A Journey to Succeed with UI Automation
  July 06, 2016

UI automation often starts on a great note. You buy a test automation tool and start writing automated tests. But then, as you begin to scale your testing efforts — from ten to hundreds or even thousands of tests — maintenance of UI tests becomes difficult.

The brittleness of UI tests can be caused by many factors ranging from test design, test data, or even environment configurations. Test design in particular can often cause serious issues as your testing progresses. For example, if a test consists of actions that drive directly at the HTML layer, that test will likely be brittle as even the smallest changes to the UI would cause a test to break. As a result, your testing process becomes less scalable, stable, and reusable.

Another challenge affecting the test design process is that UI tests are often dependent on each other. This lack of independence in turn causes challenges primarily because when one test fails, the tests that are dependent on that component can break.

What can you do to overcome these test design challenges? In our newest eBook, Better Test Design: A Journey to Succeed with UI Automation, is designed to show you how to can create a testing framework that actually scales.

We’ll cover:

  1. Where does UI automation typically go wrong?
  2. Why UI tests are essential part of your testing strategy?
  3. An example of a badly written test
  4. Design frameworks to overcome the UI challenges
  5. Application of these frameworks with real world examples

This eBook will also provide insight into how an automated testing tool, like TestComplete, can help scale your testing efforts. You can download a free trial of TestComplete today.

Download the eBook.