Unveiling the Future of Testing: Automation for All with SmartBear HaloAI

  July 09, 2024

SmartBear is revolutionizing the way teams deliver high-quality software, faster than ever before. Today, we’re announcing a set of major product enhancements to Zephyr Scale, the leading Jira-native test management platform, to empower everyone on your team to automate tests, regardless of coding experience. This “Automation for All” is fueled by the power of SmartBear HaloAI, which is transforming software development and testing productivity.

The Struggles of Manual Testing

Traditional testing practices are often manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Bottlenecks and delays plague the process, hindering software releases and impacting quality. SmartBear understands these challenges, and we're committed to providing solutions to the biggest problems testers face.

Introducing the New Zephyr Scale: Unified Test Management with No-Code Automation

Zephyr Scale, our industry-leading Jira-native test management platform, is now equipped with no-code test automation featuring SmartBear HaloAI. This groundbreaking feature allows testers to effortlessly convert manual tests into automated ones. This lowers the barriers to automation by eliminating the need for scripting expertise.  

This smarter approach to testing empowers everyone on your team to contribute to automation efforts, freeing up valuable developer resources for complex tasks. Almost half of all Zephyr Scale users have tried no-code test automation since it launched in its beta version this spring. On average, testers who’ve tried it say they anticipate automating 36% of their manual tests and saving 10+ hours a week with these new capabilities.  

Level Up Your Automation with Zephyr Scale Automate

For teams looking to expand their automation efforts even further, we're introducing Zephyr Scale Automate, an add-on to Zephyr Scale that unlocks additional automation capabilities.

By adding Zephyr Scale Automate to Zephyr Scale testers can:

  • Catch More Bugs: Expand your test coverage with 4-6x more no-code automated test runs than in Zephyr Scale alone.
  • Release Faster: Shorten testing cycles by running up to three tests simultaneously with parallel testing.
  • Automate Across Channels: Ensure comprehensive testing by automating tests across different browsers, emails, and SMS messages.

The Power of SmartBear HaloAI

SmartBear HaloAI is driving the magic behind Zephyr Scale's no-code automation. Some highlights of HaloAI’s impact:

  • Shatters Test Times: Customers have reported a staggering 98% reduction in testing times within the first two weeks of using HaloAI.
  • Automates Critical Tasks: Teams are automating half of their QA tests, saving an average of 20 hours per regression cycle.
  • Addresses Talent Gaps: HaloAI empowers teams to do more with less by automating repetitive tasks, freeing them to focus on higher-level activities.

A New Era of Software Development

SmartBear HaloAI is more than just a collection of features; it's a paradigm shift in software development. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI with human ingenuity, HaloAI empowers developers and testers to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and innovation.

Ready to Get Started?

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