Do Code Review Meetings Still Make Sense in 2019?

Recently, it seems that anti-meeting sentiment is growing. Sometimes it shows up as a meme...
6 min. read

The Pendulum is Swinging Back to People. Act or Get Left Behind.

It is no accident that people over millennia have been able to effectively unlink from the food...
5 min. read

Peer Reviews Either Sandbag or Propel Agile Development

Can you look at this? You have to look at this… HEY, YOU. NOW.This is the...
9 min. read

The Digital Thread that Binds Software Development

When people talk about “the Digital Thread,” they are most likely talking about the...

The 2018 State of Code Review

We recently published this year’s edition of “The State of Code Review: Trends and...
3 min. read

Why the Code Review Process at Pied Piper is Broken

In a recent episode of Silicon Valley, developers at Pied Piper capped off a grueling sprint to...

Growing Local and Gearing Up for JAX Germany 2018

Software is a global industry, and software quality is a global priority. With offices on four...

Mitigating the Next Meltdown (and Spectre) with End-to-End Peer Review

Are you familiar with Meltdown? How about Spectre? No, they are not a pair of James Bond movies...

A Look Back on Code Review in 2017

“Iron Sharpens Iron!”It’s a phrase that my high school English teacher would proclaim before he...

Key Takeaways from the 2017 American Aerospace & Defense Summit

Earlier this month, I escaped the blustery New England Winter weather to...
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