C++11 Tutorial: Explaining the Ever-Elusive Lvalues and Rvalues

Every C++ programmer is familiar with the terms lvalue and rvalue. It’s no...

A Glimpse into C++14: Combine Flexibility and Performance with Dynamic Arrays and Runtime-Sized Arrays

C99 introduced the notion of variable length arrays: stack allocated built-in...

Using constexpr to Improve Security, Performance and Encapsulation in C++

constexpr is a new C++11 keyword that rids you of the need to create macros and hardcoded...

C++11 Tutorial: Lambda Expressions — The Nuts and Bolts of Functional Programming

One highlight of C++11 is lambda expressions: function-like blocks of executable statements that...

C++11 Tutorial: New Constructor Features that Make Object Initialization Faster and Smoother

Constructors in C++11 still do what they’ve always done: initialize an object. However, two new...

C++11 Tutorial: Introducing the Move Constructor and the Move Assignment Operator

Copy constructors sounds like a topic for an article from 1989. And yet, the changes in the new C...

C11: A New C Standard Aiming at Safer Programming

Thirteen years after the ratification of the C99 standard, a new C standard is now available...
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