APIdays London Conference 2019

Open Banking: Business Beyond Regulation
  November 25, 2019

SmartBear at APIdays London

On the 13th and 14th of November, the SmartBear team had the opportunity to attend APIdays London. The two day conference brought together Europe’s leading API Developers, Integration Experts, Project Managers and API Architects to discuss and share techniques for API design, development and management. Since the introduction of open banking, the fintech industry has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for sophisticated APIs. This particular APIdays conference was focused on the financial services industry and the potential of GraphQL.

SmartBear, Supporting APIdays

As a proud sponsor of APIdays London, we were pleased to have a demo booth on the exhibition floor, where attendees had the opportunity to stop by, have a chat with a solutions engineer and experience live demos of SwaggerHub or ReadyAPI. It was great to get the chance to showcase our tools to a live audience. And as always, we had plenty of SmartBear swag available. The SmartBear beanies were a particular favourite!

Effective API Lifecycle Management – Delivering on Your Promise

We were delighted that one of our very own solutions engineers, Joe Joyce was invited to speak at APIdays London. During Joe’s seminar, he spoke about the importance of ensuring quality at every stage of the development lifecycle. He also discussed the pragmatic approaches for closed-loop processes, outcome-oriented development and effective change management techniques that help increase the speed of development.  You can watch Joe’s full seminar above.

Final Thoughts From APIdays London 

This two day event provided us with an invaluable opportunity to meet so many API developers and architects from all around the world. Getting to meet the community directly, and hearing about their exciting new development projects is a priceless experience for us. It’s so positive to hear stories from the community on how they are using our tools to support and excel their API development. With the latest update to ReadyAPI 3.0, adding extra support for GraphQL, it was extremely interesting to hear how the community is adopting GraphQL to enhance their APIs. 

In summary, APIdays London highlighted the ever increasing role APIs are playing in the financial services industry. As our world becomes ever more connected, APIs are fast becoming a key business requirement for every organisation.