Announcing Zephyr 6.6

  February 12, 2020

Welcome to 2020! We are excited to announce the 6.6 release to Zephyr Standalone.

In this release, we have continued to improve upon our Enterprise features making it easier to scale across multiple teams. We prioritized test automation by revamping our automation parsers and making our zBots easier to install and use, as well as usability improvements for Jira defect filing, email notifications and overall UI revamp.

Here are some of the highlights coming with 6.6:

  • Enterprise Admin & Scaling: For our larger customers scaling their Zephyr deployments, we've made significant improvements to our SSO and LDAP support, added the ability to provide read-only access to test assets, created a new API token management page and updated our REST APIs, zBots and plugins to accept tokens instead of user credentials, and continued our improvements for audit logging. These improvements will provide immediate benefits while expanding across multiple departments and adding non-QA members to Zephyr.
  • Automation Improvements: For automation, we focused on two major improvements that will provide immediate benefits for customers: we have significantly simplified installation and setup for zBots by providing a single downloadable version that is also auto-configured for the user; and we've also rearchitected our automation parsers, enabling customizations for homegrown and custom frameworks as well as consistent behavior across of tools that work with Zephyr (Vortex, Folder Watcher, zBots, and CI plugins). These changes will also enable us to deliver significant improvements in integrations and zBot management throughout 2020.
  • Usability Improvements: On the usability front, we tackled two of the highest voted customer requests in Trello for easier test planning and email notifications, improved our Jira defecting filing page for better performance and support for pre-populated fields, and underwent a major overhaul of the Zephyr look-n-feel.

Check out the full Release Notes for all the details on the new updates.

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