TestComplete Releases Version 14.1
  May 14, 2019

UI test automation meets innovation again with yet another amazing release. In v12.6, TestComplete introduced a powerful hybrid object recognition engine including property, image and AI-powered OCR techniques to automate a wide range of Desktop, Web, Mobile and Chromium based applications. 

TestComplete started strong in 2019, releasing v14.0 with Shadow DOM and native BDD support, allowing testers to use one tool to translate specifications written in Gherkin to automated tests in the most straightforward way possible.   

With TestComplete v14.1, the team introduces a host of exciting new features to accelerate your testing efforts. The highlights include:  

Real-time test management, reporting and traceability in collaboration with Zephyr for Jira 

As testers, we continue to struggle to balance our time to ensure we have the right test coverage and defect traceability for our applications. There is a noticeable disconnect between requirements, stories, manual tests, automated scripts and defects. With TestComplete, testers can now manage automated tests directly within Jira, providing real-time reporting capabilities and traceability. 

With no complex scripts and no 3rd party tools, you can sync test executions to Jira issues to accurately capture test coverage and link defects to Jira requirements to identify high-risk areas right after each test run. Watch a videoLearn more

Easier and Faster Continuous Testing for the modern DevOps Ecosystem 

There are infinite combinations when building a DevOps ecosystem, making it hard to embed new tools inside your tool chain. To future proof your testing organization, tools should have an open architecture.

TestComplete set out to embrace building an adaptable platform with open arms by 1) enhancing its command line interface and 2) designing an all-new REST API in effort to build a faster continuous delivery pipeline.

With only one integration point, you can instantly reduce human error and make troubleshooting easier across your entire software development lifecycle.  

Advanced test creation and automatic web audit reports 

With the AI-powered OCR feature introduced in v12.6, testers could work with controls that are generally hard to identify, but the controls needed to have text. In v14.1, testers can now use the same AI-powered capability to test controls that do not have text. A detailed use case is described here

In addition, the Intelligent Quality add-on now provides you the ability to combine web audits and health checks with your UI tests for a full end-to-end test. With a single checkpoint or line of code, assess your web performance, accessibility and best practices, as a part of your UI tests before going to production. Watch a video

Other features include: Enhancements to BDD and HipTest integration, performance improvements to speed up object recognition by 2-4x, streamlined logging and interactive summary reports, and support for EO.WebBrowser, Java 11, Electron 4, NUnit 3, Qt 5.12 and latest browsers. 

These features in TestComplete 14.1 address key day-to-day responsibilities to make your job as a QA professional more efficient and fun!  

Click here to learn more about all the new features in 14.1 or try it for yourself!