Announcing Our New Podcast Channel: SmartBear on Air

  April 21, 2014

The SmartBear team is happy to announce the launch of our brand new podcast channel, SmartBear on Air.

We know that sometimes it’s more fun and more informative to listen to a conversation than read yet another blog post. And that's exactly why we’ve launched this channel - so you can have more fun.

We’ll be putting together some podcasts about building and testing software, as well as talking about some of the hottest news in tech. If you have a topic you want us to cover or a person you’d like us to chat with, let us know by commenting below. After all, this is all about you having fun, right?

To kick things off, here’s the first episode of our performance testing podcast, Rev It Up. Listen now, or subscribe to our Spreaker channel to get updates about future episodes and additional shows.

Rev It Up (Episode #1) 

In the show's inaugural episode, co-hosts Lorinda Brandon and Mark Tomlinson briefly step away from all of the action at STPCon Spring 2014 to consider the difference between performance testers and performance engineers, and how to handle performance requirements


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