Announcing Our New CA API Developer Portal Plugin for Ready! API
  July 09, 2015

As more companies embrace the API economy, there is a growing emphasis on how to structure and present their APIs. Creating a robust developer portal for both internal and external developers is an important part of this process. Designing your developer portal is crucial but so is selecting the right set of tools to implement that design.

That’s one reason we’re very excited today to announce our partnership with CA Technologies. CA API Developer Portal offers a powerful and feature-rich solution for enterprises who want to make the onboarding process engaging, secure, and easy. CA API Developer Portal can be leveraged for internal, external and partner developers and allows you to:

  • Generate interactive API documentation
  • Create and manage developer communities
  • Appeal to your international audience with localized portals
  • Compose, orchestrate and publish APIs directly from data sources, in just a few clicks

SmartBear’s new partnership with CA Technologies allows you to access the CA API Developer Portal from within Ready! API so you can leverage the power of both platforms. Ready! API’s mission is to make sure you have all the tools you need to ensure that your API is production-ready and easy to develop applications against. As part of this partnership, we are excited to announce a plugin that integrates the two platforms. With our new integration, you can import an API directly from the CA API Developer Portal into Ready! API, either as their own project or as part of an existing project.

Once you have your API available in Ready! API, you easily execute all of the actions needed to make sure your API is ready for primetime…

Functional testing - The goal with this type of testing is to ensure that your API does what you say it will do and handles error conditions gracefully. Attaching data sources provides even greater power for generating complex scenarios.

Load Testing - Any internal or third-party application using your API impacts the performance of your API… and if any of those applications goes viral… well, the load can be substantial. Your partners’ success can drive your failure! Load testing your API ensures that you can withstand the increased traffic and helps you identify where and when to limit API calls.

Security Testing - APIs can increase your revenue stream and encourage partnerships, but they can also leave you vulnerable if you don’t take steps to protect yourself. Before embarking on a security strategy, analyze things like the attack surface your API exposes, the content and format of your payload, how secure your endpoints are, etc. Running a series of security scans against your API will help expose any vulnerabilities and give you a chance to correct them before anyone can compromise your data.

Virtualization - Virtualization is commonly used as a means to enable testing. Your internal and external development teams need a way to exercise your APIs, load test their applications, run their own application security tests and create test automation frameworks. Isolating your production APIs from this activity will make them more stable and reliable for the applications using them. By creating mock services or virtual APIs to use as a sandbox, people to easily work with your APIs during development.

We hope you are excited about this new plugin as we are – you can download it from the Plugin Manager in Ready! API and try it out yourself.