A Top-Down Approach to End-to-End Testing

  January 16, 2018

Everyone wants to feel confident their application is bug-free before the next release. Software that is bug-free means happy customers and a de-stressed development team.  However, as the technology landscape changes and expands to include new platforms and devices, so does the need for software to evolve – compounding the complexity of the testing and development processes needed and the chances of bugs reaching end users.

Software testing can be arduous, and regardless of how much weight teams throw behind the QA process, bugs seem to always sneak their way into production. Many testing methodologies, like system testing, or practices like functional or performance testing, focus on specific pieces or capabilities of the application under test, and don’t check the workflow as a whole.

Applications today are rarely isolated products and require a vast network of interconnected systems, such as networks and external databases (some of which are owned by third parties) to function properly. If one sub-system fails, so does the entire application. This means that teams today need to not only conduct testing to ensure high quality and performance from the entire application – including both the API and UI layers - but also to validate the integrated sub-systems and how those communicate. The best way to accomplish this is through end-to-end testing.

End-to-end testing is a methodology that validates an entire application workflow from start to finish by simulating real user scenarios. The process will expand test coverage, improve the efficiency of your tests, reduce the time and costs associated with testing, and increase your application’s productivity.  With end-to-end testing, you’ll feel 100% confident your product is production-ready. Success all boils down to a well-planned and implemented strategy.

Join our software experts, Bria Grangard, Jeffrey Martin, Damien Walsh, and Martin McDonagh on January 24th, at 5:00 am, 9:00 am, and 2:00 pm EST, in our live webinar, “A Top-Down Approach to End-to-End Testing.” They’ll show you how to set you and your team up for success and discuss the tactics and tips needed to get started.

Highlights include:

  • An End-to-End Strategy for Success
  • A live demonstration of test reuse to save time
  • Best practices for maximizing test coverage
  • Live Q&A with industry experts

When the success of your application, team, and company depends on how your application and its sub-systems interconnect, end-to-end testing is essential. Without it, you’d risk your product collapsing.