Performance Testing Trends to Watch for in 2022 with Joe Colantonio

Through the years, and especially now, the world of software engineering has seen massive changes. With new innovations daily, business needs can change rapidly which makes performance testing an imperative. 

In this webinar, you’ll discover some of the key trends to help lead your organization to develop more performant applications. Join Joe Colantonio as he shares some of the hot trends he’s gleaned from interviewing some of the top software engineers on his Performance & SRE podcasts this year.  

Discover key insights and takeaways like: 

  • Why performance testing is more important than ever 
  • Real-world trends shared by the top thought leaders in the performance engineering space 
  • Key areas where you can start implementing strategies to create more performance software 
  • Skills you should focus on to make yourself more employable  
  • And much, much more!